Windows hosting

Windows hosting, is a hosting that allows companies owners sites and systems that work on Windows systems and a programming language such as ASP to work perfectly, where we provide the best panel to manage your Windows site from file management, databases and other features that you need to grow your business

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✔️ Money-back guarantee if you don't like the service


one site


✔️ for one site
✔️ Unlimited space
✔️ Bandwith unlimited
✔️ Unlimited official mail accounts
✔️ Free SSl Certificate
✔️ Site control panel
✔️ Free CDN service

30-day money back guarantee


up to 5 Domanis


✔️ for 5 domains
✔️ Unlimited space
✔️ Bandwith unlimited
✔️ Unlimited official mail accounts
✔️ Free SSl Certificate
✔️ Site control panel
✔️ Free CDN service

30-day money back guarantee

Features that help you to move forward quickly

Great features we provide to support your website

Free CDN

You do not need to pay cloudflare because we provide CDN services with paid features for free on hosting packages

SSD drives

The highest operating speed we guarantee for your website because we use Samsung SSD storage drives

Free SSl Certificate

Secure your site with a free SSL certificate https: // www. And always be at the forefront of Google

Support 24/7/365

We support you 24/7 throughout the week to ensure the best environment for the success of your project

Hosting ASP.NET from 101Gen is the best way to grow your business

Windows hosting from 101Gen offers the strength and flexibility of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and a variety of other hosting features, including site builder tools and templates.

Professional dashboard to manage your website

We have taken into account the need to easily manage the control panel and provide all the features and tools needed to install and operate your site, just upload your files and create the database and all this with the press of a button.

Everything you want and more

Full features of 101GEN Windows hosting packages

Windows hosting features

✅ Control panel compatible with all devices
SS Free SSl certificate for all your websites
FTP Unlimited FTP / SFTP accounts
✅ Unlimited FTP / SFTP access
✅ The ability to add unlimited cron jobs
✅ Advanced file manager
✅ Secure SSH access
✅ Open or cancel Directory Indexing
✅ Access/Error/Bandwidth Logs
✅ Point any number of domains to one site
✅ Sitemap generator
✅ Free transfer to your site
✅ Backup discount

Cloud storage

✅ موازن التحميل "لن يتوقف موقعك"
✅ Save Cach to websites with add-ons to improve usage
✅ Free CDN service with professional features
✅ Website improvement tools
✅ Integrated server resource optimization feature
✅ نستخدم Google DNS سيرفر
✅ Main servers distributed between UK and US
✅ communication lines of up to 40 G/s
✅ We use additional power generators to ensure they are not lost
✅ 24/7/365 support
✅ Dynamic and technical protection of our systems
✅ Complies with PCI rules

Protect sites

✅ Activate G Suite with the push of a button
✅ Check for viruses constantly
T 1 Tbps + DDoS Protection
✅ FTP protection feature
✅ Block intruders by IP or country
✅ Check file permissions
FA 2FA 2-step verification feature
✅ You can protect your site with a password
✅ Hotlink Protection
✅ Brute force protection

E-mail features

✅ Receive messages even on accounts you haven't created
✅ اعادة تحويل E-Mail
✅ Auto Answer feature
✅ Webmail Premium Mailing Control Panel
✅ Virus and spam protection
✅Important mail and prohibited mail management
✅ ندعم Autodiscover عند الربط
✅ توثيق DKIM للحسابات

Support systems for hosting

✅ We support programming languages: ASP, ASP.NET 2.0, ASP.NET 3.5, ASP.NET 4.0, ASP.NET 4.5
✅Unlimited MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and Access Databases
✅ Software additions: Curl, GD Library, MVC 3.0, AJAX

We promised you

✅ Refund within 30 days
✅ الالغاء فى اي وقت
✅ You will never stop
✅ We respond to all suggestions and inquiries

Money back guarantee

You can get your money back within 30 days if you don't like the service

Terms and conditions apply

You have an inquiry! This is the most common question about the service

This is the most common questions about the service, in which you can know every need, as well as its policies

We host the highest websites crowded with traffic on the Arab web, so do not worry about high and sudden traffic to your site, where we have a feature called automatic resizing that makes the system automatically increase or decrease resources automatically for your site in the background, so your site can receive any number of visitors and visits Your hosts will not be affected by this movement.

Yes, you can automatically upgrade or downgrade the package within minutes of ordering, and you can also take advantage of the offers that we offer if the upgrade request is within 30 days of your subscription to our hosting services.

All you have to do is go to the tickets after completing the purchase, and provide the support team with login information to your dashboard to start the transfer.

Transfer is completely free and in less than 24 hours after requesting us to transfer

We thank you for trying to purchase one of the joint / unlimited hosting packages that we offer .. Here we will know you how you can buy any of the hosting packages ♥

1 - Click the "add to cart " button

2 - You will be redirected to the domain selection page "In case you have a domain, you will choose a domain I want to use" In case you do not own a domain, you will choose "I want to reserve a new domain"

3- You will choose the service period (monthly / quarterly / half yearly / yearly)

4 - You will be redirected to the payment and information page, write your correct information, so that the invoice will be updated based on the data and in the last data, choose the appropriate payment method for you.

5- Get the invoice and complete the payment

6 - Enter the ticket system or call us through live support and attach a copy of the transfer in case it was a transfer or send us the payment process number and your mail if the payment is electronic

7 - Within 15 minutes at most, the data will be confirmed by the sales officer

8 - Congratulations on your hosting information and your link to the e-mail, and you can get the service through the system control panel

Do you have a coupon and don't know how to start using it? welcome

1 - Refer to the explanation regarding the purchase of the package and stop at the point of choosing the period

2- You will be on the same page. You have a promotional code. Put your code and it will be activated immediately

3 - Complete the payment process and you can pay for the new shared hosting after the discount

We were keen from the first moment to secure the payment methods that suit you without any complications, so all electronic payment methods are done through third parties that are fully documented and secured, such as the paypal portal, so there is no concern about using your online account or your payment card because it is not reserved on our website and so hard You can guarantee that we do not receive any payment methods or your credit statement

I tried our service and found that you do not want to complete: / Fearless we can guarantee that you will get the money back within 30 days from the date of payment without complications and within less than 72 hours as a maximum of our receipt of the order

I am afraid that hosting does not bear the number of your visitors? Not worried about his satisfaction, because we have performed quality tests and confirmed that we have hosted a million granules at the same time!

We also secure our shared hosting by we take daily, weekly and monthly bakups, and therefore the only case that lets your site stop is a global catastrophe, so we guarantee you that hosting will be 100% working.