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Fight for others with the force of law, and let us do your professional appearances online for your customers.

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✔ Upcoming Updates
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For a copy that works in Arabic and English, the offer is valid for a limited time.

Design Lawyer-WordPress design compatible with all browsers and responsive

Lawyer design for legal consultancy offices

هو تصميم يفتح الفرص امام المحاميين لجذب عملاء جدد لمكاتبهم عبر الإنترنت كما انه يتيح الفرصة لتقديم خدماتهم بشكل افضل , حيث يعد تصميم المحامي هو واجهة المكتب لكسب العميل المحتمل والذى يبحث عن افضل محامي للإستشارات القانونية عبر الإنترنت , وحيث اننا وجدنا انه من الضروري وجود تصميم يلبي هذة الرغبه قمنا بتصميم افضل موقع يحقق هذا المطلب , ابدأ معنا الان ولا تتردد...

Features of lawyer design for legal consultancy

✅ design with 20 pages to provide all Office services
✅ Simple, modern design, more attractive colors
✅ Support for all browsers and screens
✅ Fully compatible with mobile
✅ Supports multilingualism as per your request
✅ All numbers are valid for direct contact with office
✅ Spam protection powered by Google Recaptcha
✅ Legal Blog for easy addition of articles
✅ Design is ready and compatible with Google for better speed
✅ Design is compatible with search seo

✅ Full control panel to manage your site
✅ Get design updates periodically
✅ Protection Package to protect your site
✅ domain is free of .com type on design
✅ Hosting free of charge the Cpanel control panel
✅ You can add additional pages if you have other services
✅ Ability to add Google Adsense ads
✅ Use policy page and privacy policy page
✅ Support available for design and hosting 24/7
✅ Installation of free design and equipment to start work once purchased

Professional Features

- A free domain of .com type so you do not have to run your site on subdomains like or Your site will be like directly.
- Free hosting with the design to manage your site fully with a Cpanel control panel built with all the professional features we offer to our customers.
- The design is responsive and compatible with all screens and browsers and it also supports smart phones To ensure that you do not lose a visitor when you page for your site.
- Multi-language support for Rtl system that transforms design trends to right or left So that the design does not cause any display problems when changing the language (provided in Arabic and English).
- Your site will be secured with a high encryption and SSL certificate which will make your site start B https: // www. Which will secure and encrypt the communication between the site and the visitor.
- The speed of the site has been taken into account for better browsing, and it is also a strong supporter of SEO in the Google search engine By adding Wordpress SEO you can do even better than that.

- Note 1: The information presented in the attorney's copy is only for information that the lawyer can rely on and can be deleted or modified.
Note 2: After purchasing, please contact us to confirm the information and start installing your site

what's new in this version

- The new version of the lawyer version is released and it is running v1.1
- Version works with WordPress version v5.0.3
- The version is compatible and so far does not appear any technical problems and if it appears please inform us