What's the difference between your local business and online store?

In your local store you shop and offer offers and renews but restricted to a specific area like Cairo or the market that you opened it like the Shwarby Street in the middle of the country because comes the target group, unlike the online store and what makes you able to sell at the level of the province of the country and you can also sell abroad The state itself, and this means a bigger market available to buy the products that you are selling.

Features and properties of online store

✅ domain of your choice and hosting for a year free
✅ responsive site for working with all devices
✅ site configuration with search engines
✅ Unlimited number of official email accounts
✅ protect customer data with certificates "SSl"
✅ link the site to your official social media pages
✅ customers can evaluate for your products
✅ the ability to search for products in a live way

✅ add infinite number of products
✅ Unlimited discount coupons for customers
✅ share of products on social media
✅ customers can register by the "Facebook"
✅ receiving orders from visitors and members
✅ can filter products by price to customers
✅ customers can comment on your products
✅ order tracking System for customers

✅ Full Control Panel for Web site management
✅ can add special offers on the home page
✅ Shipping and Privacy policy pages
✅ website works in Arabic and English
✅ customers can add products to Favorites list
✅ the possibility of comparing products
✅ Dashboard stats and site analytics
✅ Technical support for you is available 24/7