Enjoy it for free with all features

Content Delivery Network - CDN

Our free CDN makes your website load quickly, wherever your users are. It includes a set of overclocking features that will speed up your website. Every 101Gen web hosting user gets access to it at no additional cost.

Enjoy it for free with all features

The content distribution network (CDN) aims to make website loading faster for all users, wherever they are in the world.
This is done by storing (caching) copies of your website on additional servers elsewhere in the world. For example, if your website is hosted in a data center in the United Kingdom, there may be a delay if you try to access this site from the USA. So a copy of your website is stored on a server closer to the user, called the point of presence (POP).
Multiple copies of your site data are stored at different storage points (POPs) around the world, so your site will load faster in remote locations. Users will browse your site more efficiently, wherever they are.
Although it is useful for your website users, it helps your website in other ways. Search engines love fast download sites, so there is an added benefit to website owners in owning a CDN network.
Free 101Gen CDN offers the same features as paid CDNs from service providers like Cloudflare.

Best CDN content delivery network

Free content delivery network from an Egyptian company

Get sites faster than anywhere

Our global network stores entire pages close to where the user is located. It works with our StackCache WordPress plugin - without additional plugins - as well as any other content management systems that limit the ability to control the global cache. So it works in any system location, such as: Linux, Windows, or WordPress.

Stable service

Our global network will edge-cache full pages close to where the user is based. It works with our StackCache WordPress module – no plugins required – as well as any other software that sets public cache control headers. So it works for any site: Linux, Windows or WordPress.

same network as web giants

Our CDN makes use of the same internet exchange points (neutral data centres) used by AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and many other leading tech companies.
That is why 101GEN customers have access to their sites and data, such as large corporate data centers.

Why use the 101Gen CDN?

User experience

Despite the importance of the fast download site on the desktop, mobile devices are now the most popular way to access the web. Mobile networks are slower, and phones are less powerful than desktops - so a fast website crawl on a desktop can crawl on the phone.

This can affect the end result: when the page load time increases from 1 to 5 seconds, the possibility increases The user leaves your page 90% (Google). People are impatient and unwilling to wait for a slow webpage: that might cost you more money.

101GEN CDN reduces latency by buffering at its edge and optimizes your website content for fast and responsive page downloads.

SEO search engines

Google messages about site speed couldn't be clearer: quick sites rank higher, and slow sites may get a penalty. Site speed is becoming increasingly important to rank on search engine result pages.

The search engine wants to be popular. It can only do this by giving users results that please them. If you click on a link that does not load quickly, you may return to the search results and try an alternative. This alternative may be a competitor, and the search engine can rank this competitor higher next time. So you can lose rankings, as well as sales.

Our Website Optimization tools and CDN service will help get rid of those critical seconds of load time - improving the performance of their SEOs wherever your customers are in the world.

The cost of using the data

Some of us are fortunate enough to live in sites where the cost of data is low. But it is not the same everywhere. If your market is global you should consider this. In some places, a smartphone is the only gateway to the Internet for most people, and data can be expensive.

Understandably, mobile phone users are reluctant to stay on slow, data-hungry websites. The improvements we provide will help make your site load quickly on slow networks and low-spec devices, making users busy.

Data is also costly to the environment: large downloads and remote data transfers consume more energy and produce CO2. Reducing your website's net load reduces total carbon emissions. So by using 101GEN CDN you can reduce the damage to the planet as well.

Features at your fingertips

Every site is different, so 101GEN CDN gives you control over all of the site acceleration features, directly from our dashboards. And in all options so that you can adjust the performance.

على سبيل المثال ، بالإضافة إلى التخزين المؤقت ، يمكنك التحكم في ما إذا كان يتم تخزين الصور و CSS و JavaScript مؤقتًا بشكل مستقل. يتضمن أكثر من 40 طريقة مختلفة لتحسين سرعة موقع الويب الخاص بك.

As good as the Cloudflare Pro package

Compare our free CDN service

Other companies offer "CDN hosting", but only offer the free Cloudflare package besides hosting.
101Gen CDN is different. We offer you the premium benefits of paid CDN networks - but at no cost.

نحن نقدم لك الأدوات اللازمة للحصول على نقاط Google PageSpeed لتصل الى 100/100!

تحصل عليها مجانا ضمن كافة خطط الإستضافة المدفوعة

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